Attend a Family Constellation Workshop

Workshop Registration

Fee: $85.00 per person

Registration and Payment: You can register by mail or by credit card using PayPal. Workshops can fill up so it’s best to register no later than 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.

Mail: To register by mail, print out, complete, and mail the website Release Form (PDF document) along with your check.

PayPal: To register and pay by credit card, choose a date below and click on "Buy Now." If you use the PayPal method, we will ask you to sign a release (see explanation below) when you arrive at the workshop.

Workshop Dates




Late Registration: If you make a late decision, contact us by telephone [(202) 244-8280 or (202) 257-8300)] to see if space is available.

The constellation workshop is designed to be an educational experience, and not a substitute for professional medical consultations or therapy. Therefore you should understand that the workshop may bring up issues of a personal nature that may invoke physical and/or emotional responses. Do not bring an issue to a workshop if you suffer from from any emotional or medical condition that might make it inadvisable.


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